Potions offer buffs to the character – typically for minimum some minutes – which can exceptionally affect the power of a character in combat. That’s particularly notable when fighting with bosses, as combined stats of numerous potions improves the character in combat. There’re potions which speed up mining and offer light, and such being regularly available will assist hugely. While potions you find from different chests while adventuring could be saved for significant moments, it is better if you may brew your very own through anAlchemy Table or a placed bottle or (that option is exclusively for PC version) so that you may have a limitless supply. An ability to grow plants is huge key here, so there’s a separate guide available on http://terrariaforpc.com/ regarding gardening in Terraria that might assist you with such process. You might also enjoy Potions to fight with a boss battle.

terrariaforpc.com (1).pngMaking Potions

The procedure of making different potions needs few things of you. Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to begin. It is specific so as to avoid excessive confusion given an amount of choices in this game.

Making Glass: Doing such task in Terraria requires sand, which could be turned into bottles with the only couple of steps at a Furnace

Bottles: You require one bottle placed on a table if you don’t have additional to an alchemy table. You can easily make a cup, or many other items to hold a different type of liquids, but since you want bottles anyway you’ll perhaps need to just use glass for such issue. Go find desert biome on a surface of the world and lower the elevation few by harvesting a huge stack of sand. Such type of glass bottles is also produced from sand, by using a Furnace. And for that, you need to first make the glass after that form it into bottles using Furnace for the second step as well.